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Teams Mikey and Sunnyvale are the 2017 Melges 24 North American Champions

July 22, 2017 · Posted by kate

Cascade Locks, Oregon  (July 22, 2017) It was all smiles (and adrenaline) at the 2017 Diversified MELGES24 NorAm (North American) Championship. Mother nature generously delivered a banner week of warm and sunny planing conditions to an international fleet of MELGES24 sailors. Thanks to the river’s natural elevator the beats were trimmed and the runs extended for maximum enjoyment, which is typical for the Columbia River Gorge, one of the world’s top destinations for big-wind junkies.

Following the requisite early gear and crew “tests” during the MELGES24 Speed Camp the championship rolled right into a 24-knot opening day. Like first tracks on a Utah powder day, the sailors were simply giddy as they blazed up and down the course area.

With great efficiency, the Columbia Gorge Sailing Association (CGRA) executed four 3-race days with a variety of 2-mile legs that tested each team’s mechanical prowess and connection to the ever-changing composition of wind and current that makes Cascade Locks a world-class racing venue.

Top-five Overall (Helm, Jib, Spin, Tactics, Bow)

  1. USA835 Mikey- Jason Rhodes, Ian Sloan, Kevin Welch, Ross McDonald, Serena Vilage
  2. USA825 Warcanoe– Michael Goldfarb, Mortan H, Mark Strube, David Brink
  3. CAN151* Sunnyvale- Fraser McMilan, Harry Miller, Adam Koster, Keegan Moynihan, Kieran Horsburgh
  4. USA303* Average White Boat– Kent Pierce, Sarah Schaueter, John Bell, Rebecca Anderson, John Bell
  5. CAN222 Light Scout– Kirk Palmer, Evan Cary, Jeff Eckard, Dave Richardson, Karen Palmer

Top-five Corinthian* (Helm, Jib, Spin, Tactics, Bow)

  1. CAN151* Sunnyvale- Fraser McMilan, Harry Miller, Adam Koster, Keegan Moynihan, Kieran Horsburgh
  2. USA303* Average White Boat- Kent Pierce,Sarah Schaueter ,Eric Stoke,John Bell, Rebecca Anderson
  3. CAN371* Lekker- Gord Galbraith, Malcolm Smith, Tim Stamper, Tom Insley
  4. CAN591* Usain Boat- Mike Bond, Sophie Stukas, Gord Shannon, Mike Bassett
  5. USA855* Diversified Looper- Duane Yoslov, Colin Lough, Ellise Smolenyak, Brian Gravenstein


Video: 2015 Melges 24 Nationals at the Gorge

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