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R/P-Designed Nilaya and Visione Prevail at 2014 St Barths Bucket

April 1, 2014


St Barths (March 29, 2014) – Of the 38 superyachts raced, Reichel/Pugh-designed Nilaya finished fourth today in the Gazelles class, and that performance, combined with two second-place finishes from Friday’s and Saturday’s racing, was strong enough to give her class victory. The largest yacht at 66.7m/216’, Hetairos, won the final race, with Visione taking second, landing the Reichel/Pugh-designed yacht in runner-up position overall.

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When the St. Barth’s Bucket first started in 1995, owners primarily built yachts to get around the world safely and comfortably. The third factor now is to build a yacht that can stop and do a regatta like The Bucket, meaning pushing the envelope on technological improvements and performance. The Bucket Rule ensures that old and new boats can still compete against each other fairly.

About Class Pursuit Racing
Over the past nine years the Bucket Rating Rule, now the International Super Yacht Rule (ISYR) has achieved a commendable level of success at leveling the playing field and providing fair handicaps for the most divergent yacht designs racing today.  For more information on the ISYR go to the ISYR website.  Under the Bucket Regatta’s fleet pursuit racing format in 2012 and prior years, finishes at the Bucket were dramatic with results of some races being determined by the narrowest of margins. It was not uncommon to see as many as 10 yachts finishing within 2 minutes. Last year in St. Barths, the Bucket Regatta featured the same popular pursuit racing format with a new focus on class racing. The same controls used by the ISYR to bring the finishes together were used to separate classes. The result was having a manageable number of yachts approaching the finish at a time instead of a far larger group at widely disparate speeds.  This was a very important step forward with regard to improving safe racing and also helped the fair racing challenge, explains Race Chairman Peter Craig.

Title Photo © P.Carreau – Nilaya
Second Photo © Billy Black – Visione

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