Our Vision

Vision, Experience
& Innovative Design.

In the last decade, few design firms in the world have achieved the level of success of Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design. There are thousands of high performance custom racing and cruising yachts throughout the world, but only a few are exceptional. What makes a distinctive yacht begins with the selection of the right design team – one that is innovating and at the leading edge of its field. To translate an owners requirements into a consistently winning reality is an art, combining inspiration and vision with the ultimate in professionalism.

At Reichel/Pugh, the science of high-technology in yacht design is uniquely combined with an innate ability to translate a clients dreams into reality. Whether its performance cruising, offshore racing, or the Americas Cup, Reichel/Pugh has had unparalleled success at producing some of the worlds most distinctive and consistently rewarding sailing yachts.

But from where does this ability derive? Is it from having over 20 years of design experience in every conceivable type of keelboat, from the pocket-rocket Melges 24 to the IACC yachts of America³, winner of the Americas Cup in 1992, Team Stars and Stripes 2003 and Team Desafio Espanol in 2007 or is it from embracing the cutting edge of canting keel twin foil technology? Is it from having an eye for pleasing lines on a yacht, or the use of state-of-the-art computational tools to optimize performance? Is it from having one of the industrys most talented collection of in-house designers and engineers, or from having well-established relationships with outside research and technology specialists who are the top in their fields?

The simple answer is ALL of the above, and this is what makes Reichel/Pugh unique in its approach to teamwork. The combination of having an in-house staff of designers to focus on a clients individual needs with having ready access to independent experts with fresh new perspectives makes for designs which not only meet or exceed a clients requirements, but often establish new paradigms for the cutting edge.