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A Clean Sweep for Reichel/Pugh Designs at the 2018 Rolex Sydney-Hobart

December 30, 2018 · Posted by kate

Hobart, Tasmania (December 30, 2018) Phillip Turner’s Alive representing Derwent Sailing Squadron Inc has won the double for the 2018 Rolex Rolex Sydney Hobart. Winning the George Adams Tattersalls Cup for Overall Winner on IRC and the Charleston Trophy for Overall Winner on ORCi.  Alive’s Navigator Wouter Verbraak has won the Bill Owen Memorial Trophy – for the navigator of the overall winner on handicap and the City of Hobart Trophy – for the Navigator of the first Tasmanian yacht on handicap.  Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design have won the Alan Payne Memorial Trophy – for the designer of the overall winner on handicap.


More about Alive Yachting’s story from Turner’s Dream Comes Alive

Reichel/Pugh not only designed the overall winner Alive, but also 2nd placed RP66 Wild Oats X – owned by the Oatley Family, racing under the team name ‘Ocean Racing Respect’ in partnership with 11th Hour Racing and skippered by Stacey Jackson, who had an all-female professional crew. Stacey Jackson will also collect the Jane Tate Memorial Trophy as the first female skipper. Third place in fleet was the Victorian yacht, the RP63 Voodoo,  owned by the Hugh Ellis and navigated by Adrienne Cahalan. In addition, Bruce Taylor’s Reichel/Pugh designed 40’ Chutzpah was 2nd in Division 2.  The Reichel/Pugh studio also designed 1st and 2nd Line Honors boats Wild Oats XI and Black Jack. Click for more about the race finish.

IRC Overall | 1st 66′ ALIVE – 2nd 66′ WILD OATS X – 3rd 63′ VOODOO
IRC Division 0 | 1st ALIVE – 2nd WILD OATS X
IRC Division 1 | 1st VOODOO
IRC Division 2 | 2nd 40′ CHUTZPAH

ORCi Overall | 1st ALIVE – 2nd WILD OATS X – 3rd VOODOO 4th 100′ BLACKJACK – 6th 100′ WILD OATS XI
ORCi Division 1 | 1st ALIVE – 2nd WILD OATS X – 3rd BLACKJACK – 4th WILD OATS XI
ORCi Division 2 | 1st VOODOO
ORCi Division 3 | 3rd CHUTZPAH

More about the Wild Oats XI and Black Jack stories from Redemption! Wild Oats XI Wins 9th Line Honors Victory in the 2018 Rolex Sydney-Hobart Race

Visit Andrea Francolini’s Portrait Exhibit Girl Power of the Ocean Respect Racing Team – Wild Oats X professional womens team, as well as every female competitor in the 2018 Sydney Hobart. The vision to put a team of accomplished sailors together to do the great race was supported by the Oatley Family with the donation of the boat and by 11th Hour Racing as a sponsor to promote Ocean Health through yacht racing. Team Ocean Racing Respect are an inspiration to future generations of female sailors.

A warm congratulations to all competitors, especially Reichel/Pugh’s 10 teams: Alive, Apsaras, Black Jack, Chutzpah, Hartbreaker, Naval Group, Primitive Cool, Voodoo, Wild Oats X and Wild Oats XI.

Source: Rupert Guinness, RSHYR media
Photography courtesy of Rolex/Borlenghi Studio, NBC-Ellen Coulter, RSHYR Media


  • R/P Yachts have won the Rolex Sydney-Hobart Race Overall (on handicap) in 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, and now 2018
  • Since 1996 RP Maxis have taken Line Honors 12 times, with Wild Oats XI taking Line Honors a record nine times in thirteen years (2005-2008, 2018)
  • R/P designs have reset the course record three times in 1996, 2005 and 2012

2018 – 100’ Wild Oats XI – 1st to Finish, 6th ORCi Overall, 4th ORCi Division 1 – Oatley Family
2018 – 66’ Alive – 1st Overall, 1st IRC Div 0, 1st ORCi Overall, 1st ORCi Division 1 – P. Turner
2018 – 100’ Black Jack – 2nd in Line Honors, 4th ORCi Overall, 3rd ORCi Division 1 – P. Harburg
2018 – 66’ Wild Oats X – 2nd Overall, 2nd IRC Div 0, 2nd ORCi Overall, 2nd ORCi Division 1 – 11th Hour Racing / Oatley Family
2018 – 63’ Voodoo – 3rd Overall, 1st IRC Div 1, 3rd ORCi Overall, 1st ORCi Division 2 – H. Ellis
2018 – 40’ Chutzpah – 2nd IRC Division 2, 3rd ORCi Division 2 – B. Taylor
2017 – 100’ Black Jack – 3rd in Line Honors – P. Harburg
2017 – 40’ Chutzpah – 3rd Division 2 (IRC) and 8th overall corrected time – B. Taylor
2017 – 66’ Wild Oats X – 4th Division 0 & 7th in Line Honors – The Oatley Family
2014 – 100’ Wild Oats XI – 1st to Finish and 1st Overall – B. Oatley – 8th Line Honors Win In 10 Years
2014 – 40’ Chutzpah – 1st Class 2 (IRC) and 2nd Overall corrected time – B. Taylor
2014 – 52’ Scarlet Runner – 1st Division 1 ORCi and 2nd Division 1 IRC – R. Date
2013 – 100’ Wild Oats XI – 1st to Finish – B. Oatley
2012 – 100’ Wild Oats XI – 1st to Finish & First Overall (Trifecta Win and Course Record Set: 1 day 18 hours, 23 minutes and 12 seconds) – B. Oatley
2012 – 63’ Mini Maxi LOKI – 2nd Overall & 1st IRC Division 1 – S. Ainsworth
2012 – 66’ Mini Maxi Black Jack – 3rd Overall IRC & 1st Overall ORCi – P. Harburg
2011 – 63’ Mini Maxi LOKI – 1st Overall – S. Ainsworth
2010 – 100’ Wild Oats XI – 1st to Finish – B. Oatley
2010 – 51’ Secret Men’s Business 3.5 – 1st Overall – G. Boettcher
2009 – 100’ Alfa Romeo – 1st to Finish – N. Crichton,
2009 – 100’ Wild Oats XI – 2nd to Finish – B. Oatley
2008 – 100’ Wild Oats XI – 1st to Finish (Record 4th Consecutive Line Honors Win) – B. Oatley
2007 – 100’ Wild Oats XI – 1st to Finish – B. Oatley
2006 – 100’ Wild Oats XI – 1st to Finish – B. Oatley
2005 – 100’ Wild Oats XI – 1st to Finish & Overall Winner Corrected Time (Trifecta Win and Course Record Set: 1 d, 18 h, 40 m and 10 s) – B. Oatley
2005 – 100’ Alfa Romeo – 2nd to Finish & 2nd on Corrected Time in Fleet – N. Crichton
2002 – 90’ Alfa Romeo – 1st to Finish – N. Crichton
1996 – 80’ Morning Glory – 1st to Finish (Course Record Set: 2 d, 14 h, 7 m, 10 s) – Dr. H. Plattner

A brief history of these R/P designs. Since launching in 2005 Wild Oats and Black Jack are the most successful Super Maxis on the planet.

  • Design #143 Wild Oats X 66’ – canting ballast. Multiple regatta/race wins. Built by McConaghy, Sydney, Australia and launched in 2004. This was Bob Oatley’s second R/P canting ballast yacht, the first being Design #124 Wild Oats IX canting ballast design with multiple race/regatta wins, including top scoring boat of the 2003 Admirals Cup won by Australia, this design continues her winning ways to this day as Wild Joe.
  • Design #146 Black Jack 100’ – canting ballast. Line honors 2018 Sydney Gold Coast Race and multiple race wins. Formerly Esimit Europa, 2010 Maxi Rolex Champion,  1st to finish 2013 Fastnet Race, three time elapsed time winner of Giraglia Race setting a course record in 2012, four time elapsed time winner of Middle Sea Race, and originally Alfa Romeo, elapsed time winner 2009 Sydney- Hobart, setting a course record set in the 2009 Transpac, 2006 Maxi Rolex Champion, three time elapsed time winner of Giraglia Race setting a course record in 2008, elapsed time winner of 2006 Middle Sea Race. Built by McConaghy, Australia, launched 2005.
  • Design #162 Alive 66’ – canting ballast. Multiple race wins, formerly Black Jack and Stark Raving Mad. Black Jack was third overall & 1st overall ORCi in the 2012 Sydney- Hobart.  Built by Westerly Yachts, Ca. Launched in 2006.
  • Design #165 Wild Oats XI – 100’ canting ballast, Nine Sydney-Hobart Line honors victories, two-time Overall winner of Sydney- Hobart while setting two course records. Built by McConaghy, Sydney, Australia, Launched 2005.
  • Design #188 Chutzpah 40’ – 1st overall 2018 Gold Coast Race,  2nd overall & first in Division 2014 Sydney- Hobart. Multiple race wins.  Built by Hart Marine, Mornington, Victoria, Australia. Launched in 2007.
  • Design #204 Voodoo 63’ – Originally Limit, built by Hart Marine, Mornington, Victoria, Australia. Launched in 2008. Formerly Aszhou, set the Newport to Ensenada Mono-hull Race Record in 2016. The sistership Loki, Design #201 (McConaghy, Aus) took 1st Overall Sydney-Hobart 2011, 2nd overall in S2H 2012 & 1st Overall 2015 Transatlantic Race as Lucky.
  • Design #214 Primitive Cool 51’ – formerly Secret Men’s Business, the Overall Winner 2010 Sydney-Hobart.  Built by Hart Marine, Mornington, Victoria, Australia. Launched in 2008.



Redemption! Wild Oats XI Wins 9th Line Honors Victory in the 2018 Rolex Sydney-Hobart Race

December 28, 2018 · Posted by kate

Hobart, Tasmania (December 28, 2018) The Reichel/Pugh-designed Wild Oats XI surges to victory to take her 9th Line Honors win in the 2018 Rolex Sydney-Hobart Race.

Three years of trauma and heartache for the Wild Oats XI family has ended, after a premature retirement from the 2015 race with a torn mainsail, followed by Bob Oatley’s death in January 2016 and another race retirement in 2016 due to hydraulic ram issues, and then the much publicized 2017 race when Wild Oats XI was penalized one hour after an incident with Comanche and lost her line honors crown and a new race record to Comanche. Val Oatley described Wild Oats XI 2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart line honors victory perfectly alongside the dock in Hobart this morning: “Three years of misery to this moment,” and you could not wipe the smile from her face or that of her sons Sandy and Ian, as they waited for their Supermaxi to moor alongside the pier. Wild Oat’s skipper Mark ‘Ricko’ Richards handed over the helm to the Late Bob Oatley’s grandson, Daniel (Ian Oatley’s son, on his third Sydney Hobart on the family yacht) on the final leg to the finish.  It was a blissful moment for the Oatley family and their supporters as their silver Supermaxi crossed the Hobart finish line at 08:07:21 on Friday, 28 December. Read More …

RORC Transatlantic Record for RP’s 130′ My Song

December 4, 2018 · Posted by kate

Pier Luigi Loro Piana’s 130′ Supermaxi My Song finished the 2018 RORC Transatlantic Race on December 4th at 17:47:11 UTC taking Monohull Line Honours. The Baltic 130 owned by Pier Luigi Loro Piana, a member of the International Maxi Association (IMA), has also set a new Monohull Race Record after completing the 3,000 mile race between Lanzarote and Grenada in an elapsed time of 10 days 5 hrs 47 mins 11 secs, shaving 1hr 19mins 48 secs off the previous monohull race record set in the 2015 race by Jean-Paul Riviere’s French Finot-Conq 100, Nomad IV.

My Song, delivered in 2016 and features a rotating retractable propulsion system, high-performance keel and other innovative features. Her naval architecture and engineering is by Reichel/Pugh, Interior, deck design by Nauta Yachts of Milan, and she was built by Baltic Yachts with project management by Nigel Ingram, MCM. Following World Superyacht Awards for Best Sailing Yacht between 30m and 39.9m and the Showboats Design Awards in which she was voted Most Innovative Sailing Yacht and took the Best Exterior Design and Styling award, she also won the International Superyacht Society’s 2017 award for the Best Sailing Yacht between 24m and 40m. Read More …

Perini Navi Announces Sale of the Second 42-Meter E-VOLUTION

November 27, 2018 · Posted by kate

PERINI NAVI ANNOUNCES THE SALE OF THE SECOND 42-METER E-VOLUTION – Naval Architecture by Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design

Perini Navi, world leader in the design and construction of sailing and motor ships, announces the sale of the second 42 meter S / Y line of the E-volution line.

The new 42m S/Y, the first unit in the GTS series, has been sold to an expert European owner and will be delivered in spring 2021.

Based on the platform developed for the first 42-meter E-volution, with a concept and styling by Perini Navi and naval architecture by Reichel Pugh, this second unit combines aluminum and carbon to deliver superior performance. Read More …

Reichel/Pugh-designed 86’ Spirit of Portopiccolo Wins the Barcolana, Again!

October 15, 2018 · Posted by kate

Trieste, Italy (October 14, 2018) – Warm congratulations goes out to the skipper and crew of the Reichel/Pugh-designed, canting keel 86’ Spirit of Portopiccolo, formerly the Morning Glory, as overall winner of the 50th Barcolana Regatta. This year there was a record 2,689 boats on the starting line. More stunning photos can be found in @studioborlenghi 50th Barcolana album.
Read More …

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