Committed to Performance and Structural Integrity

Whether designing a 14’ dinghy or a 218’ ocean-racing yacht, safety is paramount to the Reichel/Pugh team. Given the enormous loads seen on modern Superyachts, the critical issues are far more complex than those found on smaller racing boats. Our team incorporates its extensive experience into satisfying the mandate of “Safety First” by improving all aspects of each yacht’s seakeeping, structure, and failsafe mechanisms. Through continual research in the latest technologies combined with knowledge sharing with owners, industry leaders, yacht captains and experienced sailors, we remain well versed in the latest developments allowing us to create concrete design metrics that advance design and structural integrity. The team increases the level of safety by completing design and engineering work within the same office while maintaining close collaboration with hardware suppliers, spar and sail manufacturers, builders and project managers. This communication and teamwork ensures that all loads are known and approved by all parties and traced throughout the system from sail to structure.

With a commitment to learning from experience and a passion for integrating innovations from the sailing industry and beyond, Reichel/Pugh will continue to be a leader in developing safe and reliable Superyachts, without sacrificing performance and ensuring an enjoyable experience for the owner and all aboard.